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Ann Fisher is a nationally acclaimed PSYCHIC and HYPNOTIST with numerous achievements to her credit. She is a PSYCHIC, MEDIUM, TEACHER, AUTHOR, HYPNOTIST and ENTERTAINER. She has appeared on radio and TV across the country, as well as Canada and England.

She was selected as one of the "Top Seven Psychics" featured in "The People's Almanac Book of Predictions" by Walleninsky & Wallace. Ann's published book, "Omni-Cosmics" has had 5 printings since 1979. She has her office in Albany, NY and has worked with several police departments in solving various homicides and cases involving missing persons. She has also been in 3 movies of "Psychic Detectives".

Ann Fisher is a nationally acclaimed PSYCHIC and HYPNOTIST: Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, psychic consultation, ghost hunting, anxiety hypnosis, weight control, self-confidence, and stop smoking hypnosis.