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Psychic Readings for Albany, NY

Are you a believer in the afterlife? Have questions about life and death intrigued you? Have you lost someone close to you and wish you could speak to that person at least once to know if he or she is well or to ask for forgiveness? If you have faith and belief, you must know that our loved ones care for us and surround us forever with their love and blessings. God has chosen people with special abilities called mediums to help us connect with our dearly departed. During a psychic reading or past life regression with Ann Fisher, you'll be able to connect with those who have passed on.

Know Ann Fisher - Albany Psychic

Ann Fisher is a nationally acclaimed psychic and hypnotist with numerous achievements to her credit. She is a psychic, medium, teacher, author, hypnotist and entertainer. She has appeared on radio and television across the country, as well as in Canada and England.

She was selected as one of the Top Seven Psychics featured in The People's Almanac Book of Predictions by Walleninsky & Wallace. Ann's published book Omni-Cosmics has had five printings since 1979. She has her office in Albany, NY and has worked with police departments in solving various homicides and cases involving missing persons. She has also been in 3 movies of "Psychic Detectives."

Ann Fisher has transformed many lives. Contact her for healing through hypnosis and past life regression. She has helped people address chronic conditions through specialized hypnotic therapies such as anxiety hypnosis, weight control hypnosis, self-confidence hypnosis and quit smoking hypnosis. Reach out to Ann Fisher for psychic consultation or ghost hunting.

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